Useful Information

Safety Equipment’s

The wearing of a reflective vest for roadside emergencies is a legal requirement in France & other European countries.

From July 1 2008 it is mandatory to carry a warning triangle and high visibility reflective jacket (gilet jaune) inside your car which must be accessible from inside the vehicle (not kept in the boot!) and must be used in the event of a breakdown. Both jacket and triangle must conform to EU standards and the driver should wear the Hi Viz vest when they exit the car. Failure to have a triangle or high-vis vest in the vehicle will result in a fine for each offence. It is also a requirement for cyclists to wear high visibility jackets outside towns, when it is dark or when visibility is poor.

Importance Of Using High Visibility Vest

Each year, thousands of people die in traffic accidents in Turkey and around the world. According to statistical data, in Turkey, 25 percent of fatal accidents are caused by the drivers hitting pedestrians accidentally. The main reason of these accidents which occur 87 percent at nights, drivers do not see the pedestrians in the dark. To minimize the risk of accidents in traffic, it is very crucial for pedestrian sandal so for drivers to wear high visibility vest which can be seen easily in day and night.

Importance Of Using Fire Extinguisher

One of the main reasons to conflagration is not taking precautions in the first place. Blocking the fire and putting it out with fire extinguisher can prevent the loss of life and property of all kinds. In case of emergency, knowledge about fire-fighting and the methods used are also very important. You can extinguish the fire with cooling or cutting the air without growing faster.

Importance Of Child Car Booster

New born babies cannot sit up right because of their bone structure’s weaknesses. Body weight of a child's head is 1/3, but in adults, the ratio s to 1/14. If a baby sits in the driving direction in a car, in case of getting a hit from front as nape of the kneck and spinal roots would not carry their own body weight, he/she becomes exposed to serious injury possibilities because of his/her immature bone and muscle structure. For this reason child safety seat needs to be installed to the reverse side of driving direction. It is very crucial to remember that, the baby seat should definitely not be installed to the passenger seat where there is an airbag. Incase of an instant accident , as air bag will come up, it can cause a serious injuries. For this reason you should install the baby seat at the back seat, either to right or left side of the car. If you say that you drive the car slowly and you can carry the baby on your lap you should know that you are wrong. We should warn you that according to the crushing tests done with mannequins called “dammy” by the quality control institutions of Europe, it is proved that with a crush of 48 km speed, 7 kg baby can fly out from the vehicle with the same speed if there is a hit from the front. Likewise according to the results of same tests, if there is crush of 48 km speed and an infant sits on an adult’s lap, baby exposes to a pressure of 2.5tons. It is the same situation with falling from the third floor of a building!

Driving In Winter

For not to be caught unprepared for the winter, you should have knowledge about critical points and make sure that your car is safe and sound. Extreme cold, snow and ice can make driving dangerous. A problem which occurs at any time but not winter can cause no problem whereas in winter time it can cause fatal problems. For this reason it is very important to provide winter maintenance. The best protection against the damage and injuries caused by accidents, is not to drive if you do not have to. Experts say that driving in winter conditions is enjoyable with a well-maintained vehicle and add, best planning guide is the vehicle catalogue. Experts advice is to read the vehicle catalogue, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and the service schedule, not to drive fast in winter time and if it is possible go out early to prevent accidents. They also indicate that an engine which is not working very well is much more difficult to work or not work at all, and suggest that if car has a problem such as hard first movement, rough idling, stop and low power, needs to be fixed in good service.